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Sep 5 '14

I hope you find what you are looking for…

Jul 19 '14

More than anything, I just miss the good times we spent together as best friends

Jul 2 '14
Jul 1 '14
Jul 1 '14

"With my heart pounding in my chest, I found that even I could not stand against my own heart. She was my wife, and I could not leave her."

Jun 18 '14

We still rip each other’s hearts out, because we still haven’t let go of the other person from our hearts. We both just want it to be over, but we can’t bring ourselves to accept the ending. Why can’t we just accept that we are both broken into different halves but along the same lines? We can’t put the picture back together because neither of us can share our half of the shattered pieces. Love doesn’t go away, it just changes. And sometimes it changes into a nightmare you can’t bring youself to wake up from because thats all you have left.

Jun 6 '14

Night sky
Memories of you and I
Remebering the times
We gazed together
In the past it lies
And now I cry

Jun 2 '14
Apr 26 '14


Apr 15 '14